What is an MJC Remap?

Remapping is altering the car’s manufacturer’s default settings (maps) on your ECU (engine control unit) which controls your engine’s computer we read how your car is performing currently and customise your ECU settings so that we can enhance your cars overall performance. Our remaps are completely customised we do not use pre-loaded files this ensures us to deliver your vehicle a bespoke remap as we take into consideration mileage and car engine condition

Why would I need a remap?

Remapping your car will deliver up to 30% more BHP & Torque, an Eco Map will deliver up to 15% better fuel consumption. Giving you a more affordable, or powerful ride

Does it invalidate my warranty?

During servicing some manufacturers software will be able to tell if a car has had its ECU adapted, however, this will read as a software update. As such, this could affect your manufacturer or dealer warranty.

Stage 1 or 2?

Stage 1 is a software tune only
Stage 2 is a software tune designed to perform with light engine modifications, e.g intercooler, exhaust, air filter.
(Please speak directly with one of our engineers to see if your car is suitable for Stage 2)

Why do I not already have optimal performance?

Car manufacturers sell vehicles with default standard maps on the ECU so they can simply be used anywhere in the world, they are standard to deal with any climate, fuel quality.

In addition to this they may have models that are similar and for sales reasons and marketing tactics will have down tuned an engine for example BMW limit the power of the 335i just so its pace isn’t that of an M3